Spacious kennel accommodation

Secure outdoor paddock

Quality food products

Experienced trained staff

Heated Kennels

Onsite Family home

No discount is given for owners bringing their own food.


All pets must be fully vaccinated and a current vaccination card must be

produced on arrival. Dogs must also be vaccinated against Bordetella

Bronchiseptica (kennel cough). This must be done at least 14 days before your

dog is due to board.

Small kennels                £17.50 per day
Large kennels                £18.50 per day
Ex. Large kennels          £20.50 per day
Cats                                £13.00 per day
All prices include VAT (VAT No. 241447914)
Time critical medication is charged at £2.50 per administration
Double rates will be charged on Christmas, Boxing and New Years Day
Discounts are available for 2 pets sharing a kennel/pen
Prices are inclusive of food, heating, insurance.